It Hugs Back

Album Review: It Hugs Back – Inside Your Guitar

I’m sure I’m not alone in my pre-occupation with this band’s name. What is ‘It’? A kitten? Your drunken Uncle? The monster under your bed? Even more disconcerting then, is the suggestion that whatever ‘it’ is may well be lurking inside your guitar, waiting, perhaps, to catch you off guard before bursting forth and squeezing the hell out of you. Terrifying. But totally untrue, of course, so let me brew a cup of calming herbal tea and relax, for this is a band best enjoyed in a restful atmosphere.

Single Review: It Hugs Back – Workday

Indie folksters It Hugs Back have released ‘Work Day’ their first single taken from their debut album Record Room, due to be released at the start of next year.

The sleepy autumnal vocals are juxtaposed with jangly guitar on this end-of-summer release. The 7″ would be worth buying for the artwork alone, were it not also a great track. Which it is.

It Hugs Back

They Say: Matthew, Paul, Dimitri & Jack began making thier soft-centered dream pop back in early 2006. Switching between joyous pop-punk delight and delicate melancholia in a heartbeat, It Hugs Back melt layers of fuzzy vocals and guitars into their…