#628 Cool Ghouls – Sundial

The final destination for so many pilgrimages in the great Summer of Love, San Francisco has long had a special musical vibe, and is the spiritual home to Cosmic Americana. Keeping the flame alive are Bay Area natives Cool Ghouls. That said, as they prepare to release their third LP Animal Races, they do sound as if they’re falling a little out of love… “San Francisco has always been great and hopefully always will be but these days there are things we despise,” guitarist and vocalist Pat McDonald said. “The lifestyle The Bay once afforded artists has been decimated. This gold-rush of the tech industry is forcing prices up and it’s been a flood of bullshit. Some people are being forcibly displaced, others are disheartened and leave by choice, but San Francisco isn’t dead until you let it die in your heart.” From there, it’s not a leap to substitute ‘Animal’ for ‘Rat’ in that LP title. Keep up the good fight, guys…

UK Tour Dates:
20/09/2016 – Sticky Mike’s Frog – Brighton
21/09/2016 – The Black Prince – Northampton
22/09/2016 – Birthday’s – Dalston – London
23/09/2016 – Liverpool Psych Festival – Liverpool
24/09/2016 – Picture House Social – Sheffield
25/09/2016 – The Eagle Inn – Manchester