#626 Charlotte Carpenter – Burn

Charlotte Carpenter will release her new EP How Are We Ever To Know? on June 10, and has just dropped this video for the closing track ‘Burn’. The minimalistic track puts Carpenter’s considerable vocal talents to the fore, but given the emotional nature of the song, the video is something a little different. “So much of me was poured into writing this song that when it came to the video, I didn’t want to tell my story at all,” Carpenter said. “The film was made by my good friends Ruth and Ross, also known as Penny In The Arrow, they wrote and directed this beautiful short film from the perspective of a man, trying to move on after the demise of his relationship. It’s shot in Bangor, Northern Ireland and it looks and feels so real, as though we are looking in on something we shouldn’t be, but something which we’ve all experienced or felt before.”