#579 Liam Finn – Helena Bonham Carter

If you ever wonder how celebrity impersonators make a living, this video might answer your question. It features all the celebrity impersonators. As a fun game, you could see how many you can identify. Alternatively, you could read what Liam Finn says about ‘Helena Bonham Carter’: “For the video for ‘Helena Bonham Carter’ we wanted to tackle the speculatory obsession we have with celebrity culture. We crave scandal and feast on tales of decadence. Who’s doing who? Who’s going off the rails? Do the elite belong to the Illuminati and what are they doing behind closed doors? These almost sick fascinations have birthed some of the most ridiculous and absurd stories that most pass around without questioning their validity. Perhaps we don’t even scrape the surface and the truth is even more dark and wild than we can imagine.” The track is taken from Finn’s album The Nihilist, which is out now.