Session | James Spaite – Levi / Ladies’ Tobacco


This week’s sessions is from Californian resident James Spaite who passed through London as part of a two month tour of Europe, in support of his album Riverside.

James played a combination of two songs, here’s what he says about them:

I wrote Levi about a childhood best friend who committed suicide in the beginning of 2017. The song comes from a space of grieving and loss, but also from a strange realization that we continue on in the lives of others when we die. And when they die, my life shaped their life shaped the lives around them shaped their children’s lives and the pattern keeps going. Everything just is. Individuality exists more and less than ever in the moments that I think about his death.
Ladies’ Tobacco holds a similar meaning. Ladies’ Tobacco flowers are my favorite type of flower. They grow along the West Coast of the US, and they maintain their very potent maple scent for months after they are picked. The life and beauty that they give continues after their death.

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