EP: Lost Cavalry – Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills

thelostcavalryWaves Freeze To Rolling Hills is the début EP from The Lost Cavalry, who were formed in 2009 by ex-Fanfarlo guitarist Mark West.  The nautical cover artwork gives a indication of the content; these are gentle, delicate songs which at times sound almost like sea shanties, helped by the band’s use of instruments like the concertina and melodica.

‘Oh Sally’ kicks things off in quietly rollocking fashion, with a lovely glockenspiel countermelody and use of percussion. However, lyrically and melodically it’s a bit repetitive. The yearning ‘Secret Steps’ is the EP standout by far, with the most effective melody and vocal, continuing the nautical theme (It’s time to remember/The sound in your ears of the ocean and wind).  ‘The Elephant of Castlebar Hill’ is more obviously upbeat, with nice use of a ukelele – never a bad thing.  Closer ‘Only Forward’ has great harmonies and instrumentation, but is let down by the over-mumbled lead vocal.

While not particularly innovative,this is a pleasant, cohesive EP — creating a dreamlike atmosphere of sailors, ships and voyages which is well worth a listen.

Words: Lise Tannahill