Album | Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets – I Used to Have Fun

Blues is far from dead. In recent years, it’s actually had somewhat of a resurgence. While greats from Buddy Guy to Taj Mahal are still kicking, the next generation have begun sowing the seeds of traditionalist and modern blues alike. Names like Christone “Kingfish” Ingram and Luke Winslow-King are assuring that the rollicking storytelling genre will continue to rock on into the considerable future. Throwing their hats into the proverbial ring are Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets, a viable new outfit that stylizes themselves in the vein of electric blues akin to Eric Clapton and Z.Z. Top.

Good humored, high-octane blues is what this band’s about, procured in an authentic style. From the get-go, what’s crystalline are Price’s capabilities as a frontman. Easily navigating the steady-rolling blues of ‘Threshold’, Price commands its melody with a powerfully soulful vocal performance. Beside it is a convincing delivery on lead guitar while the Blues Rockets unfurl around him with on-point instrumentation; Dave Chmil on rhythm and lead guitar, Colin Jenkinson on bass, and Max Moulton on drums.

The blues keep on bleeding throughout their newest release, I Used to Have Fun, with as much authenticity and irreverence as each last track. Perhaps they culminate most in a searing tribute to B.B. King, aptly titled, ‘Thank You B.B.’. Yet, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into, whether as an aficionado of the genre appreciating the many influences that Price and company pull into the fold, or as a casual fan of the blues more adjacent to folkie-world. This is an indie record that’s worth a spin.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm