Video | Sophia St. Helen – Like a Fog

Though times may be uncertain, we may be approaching an apex of self-discovery. As such is the general theme of Sophia St. Helen’s hypnotic ‘Like a Fog’ — a tune written in the wake of the crumbling of a long-distance relationship that examines the artist’s reclamation and rediscovery of herself. The dreamy melancholy that pervades the song’s mesmerizing core is just as palpable in its music video, which features St. Helen showcasing multiple sides to her personality as she embarks on her quest of independent rediscovery.

St. Helen reflects, “‘Like A Fog’ is particularly meaningful because I feel like it is a moment where my songwriting took a turn, and I truly expressed an experience and a sentiment as best as I feel I could have. This is one of two songs on the record that was written on the piano. I chose this as a single because I think it is one of the better songs on the record, and I’m proud of how it turned out.”

On the video, she says, “It is reflective and melancholy, prominently and purposely featuring a beautiful white owl and tells of self-doubt, wisdom, forgiveness for a tender-hearted soul, haunted by sadness. At the same time, it touches on different sides of my personality, including both the melancholic as well as humorous. Although it is a serious song, I want to express that I don’t take myself too seriously.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm