Album | C-Wired – Omega

When Chuck Whyard hits the stage, he becomes the electrifying Americana artist, C-Wired. A free-wheeling mystic capable of producing powerful, tenacious grooves, he and his band develop a multifarious collection of songs for their debut EP, Omega. Washed with lush production and a sort-of extroverted introspection, the West Virginia collective spend their time ruminating on the idea of self-liberation, from guilt and sorrow, to fully embrace a searing, inspirited attitude. In these regards, they reflect the primal reflex so thoroughly worshiped in classic rock’n’roll, although C-Wired and the crew also embrace more modern frills along the way.

Opening up with the ruminative, titular ‘Omega’, C-Wired and company are given ample opportunity to express themselves and their musical prowess with the wide-open design of its arrangement. In many ways, it’s a classic jam-based formula, and the crew most certainly take advantage of the open space provided in this slow-burning composition to soar. As they soar, elements of alternative rock, folk, and even jazz spread out across the soundscape, making for a convincing case straight away to lend the remaining five songs an ear.

Doing so will expose listeners to a breadth of sound. ‘Anna Kissed the Sky’ is a softly swaying, sun-bathed rocker that soothes prior to the loose, electrified stint that ‘Gettin’ Sober’s a Bitch’ brings to the occasion. ‘Benevolent Angels’ slows things back down after getting a little wild and offers some comforting, percussion-driven rock, whereas ‘Jessah’ provides some breakneck solo thrills and ‘Angels Dancin’ on the Head of a Pin’ drives it all home with a hootenanny of a closing number.

All in all, while tracing their influences back to their roots is not always unthinkable, C-Wired and his band produce a worthwhile sound all their own with their onslaught of fiery jams.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)