Watch | The Rabbitts – Wild

Screenshot from YouTube

With a new EP recently set out into the wild, For Folk’s Sake is keen to share some of the Rabbitts’ latest work. The UK-Canadian group of folkies embraces an inspired jubilance towards the natural world that we seem to rarely see grow so organically in music as we do here, with a song like ‘Wild’. Between the duo’s own Odhran Linsey and Lucy McKinlay, the Rabbitts play seven separate instruments whilst maintaining lovely, lilting vocals that harmonize all-too-well.

The lyric video for ‘Wild’ comes across much like the song itself, and the two formats of enjoying this piece of work are enhanced by one another as a result. The Rabbitts embrace a minimalist beauty, exemplifying their knack for a gorgeous vocal delivery and their myriad of instrumental techniques. ‘Wild’ itself evokes a magical, feel-good sense of self that listeners will no doubt latch onto and feel warmed by. Give it a listen and a look for yourself! If you like what you hear and see, consider lending an ear to the Rabbitts’ entire Tall Pines & Tangled Vines EP.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)