Video | Andrea Asprelli – ‘The Mountain & the Sea’

For Folk’s Sake is privileged to share a performance of Cricket Tell the Weather frontwoman Andrea Asprelli’s new tune, ‘The Mountain & the Sea’. Although an original penned by Asprelli, the gentle sway of her performance could stand unsuspectingly tall amongst the sorts of folk classics performed by Joan Baez and the like. Such is Asprelli’s mastery of her craft, delivering a heartfelt Appalachian melody with as much ease and serenity as the greats have.

Joining banjoist Asprelli in her performance is guitarist and backing vocalist Jason Borisoff. Together, they deliver us this sweet, serene, and instantly picturesque song of reflection. Borisoff also recorded, mixed, and co-produced the tune, with Nikki Dodd recording its performance. If you enjoy the song, following Cricket Tell the Weather via their official website might just be the thing to do.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)