Video | Saycille – Wish

The story behind Netherlands artist Saycille’s rise to the top of her country’s musical population is one of empowerment. Born near Amsterdam in the early 1960s, she worked various jobs throughout her life at Tijd voor Meedoen’s community centre, where the wheels began turning in the vehicle that would drive her towards many a grand change.

With absolutely zero musical experience prior, it was at 52-years-old that Saycille took to the piano and played her first chords. It was at 52-years-old that she wrote her first song and performed it. She might be a genius, she might just have a whole lot of can-do spirit, or it may be both (we’re banking on it). Either which way, with special thanks to TvM for driving her in the right direction, we are now being treated to her first-ever song in the form of “Wish”, and it is anything but amateur.

The production seems a bit green (or maybe it’s just how the video has processed the tune), but the arrangement and Saycille’s vocal stylings are still both utterly impressive. The accompanying music video feels like a celebration, with loved ones dancing and having a good time altogether.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)