Album | D.G. Adams – The Old Heart

old heartIt comes across romantically, much like the Shakespearean works that have made the majority of his career leading up to this moment—D.G. Adams, actor by day and quiet student of music all the rest of the time. For those who have heard of this individual, it would likely be by the name Donald Adams, and it could be either for his contributions over the past thirty-three years to the world of Shakespeare in both his performances and teachings, or in his more recent contributions as an actor to any number of TV or movie roles. In between it all, though, Adams has been studious about putting his best foot forward into the world of folk-rock and has been since the tender age of fifteen.

The end result is something astoundingly well-suited for Adams, who fits into his boots as a musical artist just as well as one might assume he does into the world of acting. Despite cracking away at it for so long, it took him until 2000 to reveal one of his compositions to a friend, and until 2011 to actually work on his debut release. Fast forward to now and we’re looking at his third consecutive full-length work. It took the man some time to get here, but now that he finally is, we are forever grateful.

The name of his latest output is The Old Heart, produced by that before-mentioned friend of his who helped push him in the right direction with putting out his music—none other than Stars’s own Torquil Campbell. The two make an inimitable duo, Campbell producing lush, layered soundscapes for Adams to play in that feel like a revelation similar to the moment that Chaim Tannenbaum finally released an album. It comes across with the know-how and worldliness that one might expect lyrically from an older gentleman, but musically, as well, as Adams tackles vibes similar to Seeger, John, and even Bowie across this searing 10-track album.

Old heart, old soul – new artist to get behind and really enjoy. For more information on Adams, visit his Facebook page!

Words by: Jonathan Frahm