Album: The Dutchess & the Duke – Sunrise/Sunset

Dutchess-duke-sunrise-sunsetSunset/Sunrise is the second album by The Duchess & The Duke. The Duchess & The Duke form a pair that lives in line with dichotomies and paradoxes, though in complete harmony. Their new work is a stark contrast from their first, incorporating more strings, piano, base and drums with their familiar vocals harmonies. It is, however, a studio album, a step or two away from the somewhat crude and crispier debut. Their melodies sway, sprinkle and leap, creating an attractive blend of carefree delicacy. Lyrically, it is a positive turn from darkest pastures.

“When You Leave My Arms” is a hurting goodbye, head ruling over heart. The orchestrated in crescendo exhibits visual displays of drama and despair. “Sunrise/Sunset” is a Rolling Stones-like piece, catchy and appealing yet with an underlying sadness. In the same vein as they do musically, their stories of ending relationships, beginning of life and moving on, twist in velvety and icy moods at one time, as if emotion and feelings need to be wrapped and concealed from thorough examination. Sunset/Sunrise exudes more maturity and light, even if at first glance there is a hint to gloom and bleakness.

Words: Liane Escorza