[Hundred Bands] 4: The Mountain Parade

The Mountain Parade got in touch to ask if they could play The Allotment, and I’m very glad they did. They’re an I-don’t-know-how-many piece from Oxford with an ever revolving (and expanding?) membership.

There’s certainly a trend for a load of 20-somethings — who doubtless enjoyed classical music lessons at the expense of their parents as schoolchildren — whipping out the clarinet, trumpet, violin, cello etc and calling it folk, with varying degrees of success.

The Mountain Parade certainly fit this mold, but have the songs and the frontwoman to pull it off. Lead singer Roxy has a lovely, honest voice that is perfect for storytelling.

The tracks on the band’s MySpace are very much demos, but show the band’s promise. Check out The Squid and the Whale and Christmas song ‘Salvation Army Band’.

The Mountain Parade have already appeared on some enviable line-ups with Jeffrey Lewis, Johnny Flynn and Sparky Deathcap among others and the band are working on an EP due to be released early next year.

Find them on MySpace.