Album | Cameras – In Your Room

Australian trio Cameras have certainly announced their arrival with their debut album In Your Room. Having received many plaudits in their hometown, the band is sure to gain many more fans in this country thanks to this. They set the tone immediately with the opening two songs. ‘Polarise’ sounds like a Radiohead-Yeah Yeah Yeahs hybrid while the haunting vocals of ‘Eleanor Dunlop’ cast a spell over the listener as the intricate guitar and piano harmonies add further dark tones to this powerful, evocative opener.

Then ‘Kreuzberg’ follows with a surprising new direction. From a sound lending itself to the prog-rock genre to an alt-rock anthemic number, ‘Kreuzberg’ is a highly memorable, catchy song which will have you singing along by the third chorus. The album floats between the two different sounds, taking the listener on a musical rollercoaster and what really stands out is the strength that lies in both sounds. Equally attractive and equally impressive, Cameras are a band with plenty of ammunition to amaze listeners and critics alike.

Other highlights of the album include the wonderfully intense ‘Break/Hands’. Dunlop’s vocals have never sounded better and as the song builds momentum, the band appears even more striking. Patience shows off the band’s lyrical prowess, with the poetic words soaring over the subtle yet moving musical backing.

Sleek production, powerful musicality which is never overbearing, two equally talented vocalists and two equally impressive sounds makes In Your Room an album to remember. One thing I am curious about is to see what direction Cameras take their next record. Whilst the debut album was the perfect platform to show off their versatility but fans may want a more stable listening experience for album number two. But there are certainly exciting times ahead for this band and I urge you all to give In Your Room a listen.

Words: Carly Goodman