EP: The Spinto Band – Slim & Slender


The new EP by The Spinto Band, Slim & Slender, is like a pack of wine gums, full of variety and flavour, and offering that one track that is more special than others, like the black gum people look eagerly for. In this case, ‘Jackhammer’ stands out over the others. It is the teaser of the pack, the happy-go-lucky tune that sends you swaying from side to side, with guitars on pinching mode and harmonies of vocals sliding downwards like cascades. It is a supreme melody, short and sweet, which makes you turn it on again like you would pop another wine gum into your mouth.

‘Brazil’ is a summery Hawaiian-like cover, with sensual whispering vocals and humorous guitar picking like you’d hear in a Benny Hill’s program opener. It is short, funny and catchy, an interlude of self-critical laugh-out loud attitude.

‘Keep Them Alive’ has a darker edge, an acoustic-oriented, simple and perfect pop-rock surprise, and vocals that switch from diary talk time to elongated melodies that Muse would choose though with a total down to earth twist.

With ‘Thayer Function’, The Spinto Band show that they remain healthy, unique and genuine to their own sound. It is an instrumental piece, with tiny connotations of The Shins but with the laid-back characteristics of this sextet from Delaware. Slim & Slender is a great gift for these coming winter months.

Words:  Liane Escorza