EP: Withered Hand – You’re Not Alone

Withered Hand’s gnarly name reflects his sound perfectly – warts and all folk music that’s more world-weary than we will ever be.

This four track EP, produced by Kenny ‘King Creosote’ Anderson, is a wonderful showcase of Dan Willson’s music, ranging from the Gravenhurst-esque ‘No Cigarettes’, to the mournful sound of Bon-Iver-via-Edinburgh on closer ‘R U Courageous’, which includes the tear-jerker line “Will you be my one and only, cos I have been so lonely.”

The EP’s highlight, though, is the lo-fi treat ‘Oldsmobile Car’, with it’s Bontempi accompaniment, breezy KC backing vocals, and sunny refrain “everything’s alright and I feel fine”.

Even though it’s clear everything isn’t alright, you almost believe him, and certainly wish it was.

Words: Joe Downie