Album | Crybaby – Crybaby

Crybaby, real-name Danny Coughlan, seems very keen to be the new poster-boy for heartbroken storytelling. And with his self-titled debut, he may just achieve that status. This compact collection of poignant ballads will no doubt project Bristol-born Crybaby into the limelight. Musically, it travels back in time to the 1950s, and with this vintage sound, Coughlan brings a wonderful simplicity to his lyrical content. Songs such as the sweet ‘We’re Supposed To Be In Love’ and the luscious opener ‘I Cherish The Heartache More Than The Love That I Lost’ have single written all over them, as does much of the record.

It is Crybaby’s ability to create such a high volume of great, catchy songs that makes this album one you will go back to again and again. It’s also really refreshing to listen to an album that hasn’t been over-produced. The sound is authentic, gritty yet retro and compliments Coughlan’s balladry perfectly whilst also paying tribute to the earlier decades of the 50s and 60s, an era which is ever-present throughout this record.

Although most of the album tells tales of unrequited love and other romantic agony, the standout track, ‘Veils’ tells the very relevant tale of the heartbreak of war. Evoking intense sympathy for the soldier’s plight in Afghanistan and other wars, Crybaby really strikes a chord in the listener and emphasises what a waste of life the modern war can be. With a stunning voice, evocative lyrics, and great production, Crybaby really is a great addition to anyone’s music collection.

Words: Carly Goodman