EP | The Son(s) – Leviathan

The Son(s) latest EP, Leviathan, is as atmospheric as they come. From beginning to end, it is quite apparent that this follow-up to their debut album was recorded in an old, empty flat during Edinburgh’s coldest winter in 50 years. The EP has a quality of warmth being produced in the context of extreme cold. Many of the instrumental melody lines are as prominent as the vocals, making it seem as though the music is a natural force that can easily subsume the vocals. This choice was mindfully made, as is evidenced by the lyric from ‘Cocksure Boys’, “you can’t push a river / it just rolls on”. The vaporous, echoey vocals float atop the stream, elaborating upon central melody.

Leviathan is bookended by ‘Roaring Round the House’ and ‘There is No-One to Thank’ which both have straight rhythms and an emphasis on simple acoustic guitar. The similarity between these two songs — the strongest on the EP — bring a symmetry that makes the work feel complete and draws one to repeat the pleasing act of listening to it.

Words: Paul Kellner