Watch | James Labrosse Collective / Antonio Serrano – ‘Un Lugar’

Screenshot from YouTube

James Labrosse is quickly becoming a notable force in the roots music world. Playing with the natural permutations of the jazz world, his compositions tend to push the envelope on genre-blending down successfully innovative new paths. His new album, Orange Night, isn’t afraid to bend jazz into synth-washed worlds with impressive layers of sound stacked on top of and beside one another. For a publication that so often covers the more upfront, acoustic side of the musical spectrum, it’s a positively interesting collection of songs to hop into.

Yet, it also leads the way for live performances more readily, paving a landscape for the jazz innovator to truly prove his mettle amongst the titans of his genre. A grounded, roots-laden performance of ‘Un Lugar’ alongside his consummate collective makes for a compelling case. Give it a listen below!

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)