SOTD | Charlie Fink – Firecracker

The voice of Charlie Fink is a joy to hear, especially so in the current climate of political and social upheaval and troubles. Noah & The Whale were unfairly typecast after the success of ‘5 Years Time’, a shame, as their sophomore record The First Days of Spring is a classic record of heartbreak and recovery.For those who have heard the aforementioned The First Days of Spring, they may note simularities with Fink’s new record. Fink himself explains ‘I think the sound of this record is the natural place I go to when I pick up a guitar…The idea of simple, storytelling songs appealed to me. I feel like we could have followed up The First Days of Spring quite naturally with this record.”

Charlie Fink hasn’t yet been given the success he deserves, yet ‘Firecracker’, his first release under his own name, should go some way to ensuring his status as one of Britain’s premier songwriters is confirmed. ‘Firecracker’ is the precursor to Fink’s new record, Cover My Tracks (Out June 2nd) which sees him supported by The Staves and classical guitarist Laura Snowden.

‘Firecracker’ is a quiet, understated gem of a track, and you can watch the video for it below.