When a scene becomes a movement

Last night, while perusing YouTube, I came across an interview with Noel Gallagher (of whom I’m a fan – I like the juxtaposition of his boorish persona and actual wit and intelligence). He said that a musical movement becomes exciting…

FFS Ones to watch: Blue Roses

Bradford’s Laura Groves has renamed herself under the moniker of the rarest of flowers. Possessing a haunting voice and flawless musicianship, she’s no shrinking violet, describing her music as “textured, emotive, eclectic, personal, delicate.”

Anika recommends: Sharon Van Etten

Who? A talented young singer songwriter from Brooklyn with a voice worthy of your complete undivided attention. Has performed with many other artists, including Matteah Baim, Meg Baird, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Jana Hunter and Phosphorescent. She also lends her voice to The Antlers on their New York Hospitals EP and 2009 release Hospice.

Live: Patti Plinko and her Boy @ Leicester Square Theatre

A portable record player sits atop a piano under a solitary spotlight, and from it emerges a dark and unholy voice, oom-pah-pahing whilst ‘the boy’, attired in boiler suit and gas mask, lurks in the shadows. Patti Plinko wouldn’t be out of place in an air raid shelter circa 1941, and the boy would be out of place anywhere. Together they put on a show that keeps the temporary inhabitants of this particular underground bunker in Leicester Square enthralled for the better part of an hour.

Jeff Lewis gets his own TV show via Guardian website

The news by Jeffrey Lewis: now won’t that be a sight for sore eyes? Jeff is recording a series of news videos for The Guardian online, which will include comic books, limericks, and collaborations with such folk-type sensations as Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn and Herman Dune.

FFS Ones to Watch: The Tim and Sam Band

Tim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam. Bit of a mouthful isn’t it? Just as well, then, that Tim McIver of said band is happy for it to be abbreviated. “To be honest it was a bit of a joke originally,” he says. “But it’s kind of stuck now. We mainly use the long version to catch people’s eyes.”

For Folk’s Sake Interview: Sean Rawls from Still Flyin’

What a palaver it has been to bring you this interview. FFS traversed the mean streets of London last month to see Still Flyin’ at Proud Galleries in Camden. After a delight of an interview with frontman and founder Sean Rawls, and a stonker of a set in which the 11-piece band brought some much needed California sunshine to a rain-soaked London, we went on to have our bag stolen, dictaphone and all. We weren’t pleased. But fear not, Rawls is such an obliging chap, that he agreed to do it all over again by email. And he’s thrown Still Flyin”s tips for a rip-roaring Easter too.

Emmy the Great plays Rough Trade East

Emmy the Great has almost come to the end of her First Love tour, with a couple of dates in Ireland left to play. Before that, she’ll be making an appearance at Rough Trade East, just off Brick Lane on Monday March 2nd.

Jeffrey Lewis album – more details revealed

Jeffrey Lewis has a lot planned for 2009, but by far the biggest news is that his new album, ‘Em Are I’ is recorded, the artwork is done, and it’ll be in the shops in April. Lewis announced the details of the album, which will be available in CD, vinyl, and digital download formats, on his website.