EP: Draw Me Stories — The Sky and the Mirror

Already spurred by critical acclaim from their first album and their stonking live performances, the Cardiff trio have released  The Sky and the Mirror, an impressive collection of four songs infused with rock, a dash of funk and lashings of folk.

The EP takes us on a journey as the tone ranges from light-hearted and folk-tastic to melancholic. The first song ‘The You & Me Theatre’ is the kind of song made for idle cider Sunday afternoons in the park, crammed with deep bass lines, twee guitars and  the ingenious use of a cowbell. However, the songs progress to reveal slightly darker more questioning themes.  Songs such as ‘Spider’ and ‘Heart Attack’ bring out a more seasoned and intense sound with delicate lyrics and soulful guitar riffs. We finish on ‘Blindfold’ a crashing climax of a song that will add fuel to the Jeff Buckley comparisons. Repeated lyrics such as “Where is my God?/I’m waiting for my God” and raw backing vocals create a sense of urgency and fundamental questioning, a far cry from the cowbells and tambourines that kick-started the EP.

Overall Draw me Stories, in the space of four songs, manage to conjure a roller-coaster of emotions and with talent and promise such as this it’s no surprise that we want to get on and join them. 

Words: Selina Nwulu