Album: Piney Gir – The Yearling

So here comes Miss Piney Gir, a Kansas country lady based in London, with her third album and vintage dresses and toys as part of the project troupe as far as visuals and tunes go.

Do not take it lightly, though. Her musicianship is clearly exposed through moving and carefully crafted songs that vary greatly in influences such as acapella teasers like ‘199 to Elephant and Castle’, country jazz with perky guitar in the introductory ‘Hallo Halo’, traditional rhythmic rock in ‘Say I’m sorry’, comic spells with quirky lyrics and ghost-like effects in ‘Blithe Spirit’ and latin Caribbean tunes wrapped in insect buzz like ‘Bumble Bee’ to form sleepy lullabies or love songs like ‘Oleanna’.  

For an album with 16 tracks that could have felt overlengthy and slightly pretentious, her display and mastership in the arrangements using instruments (or sound effects!) as enchanting as violins, accordion, guitar, clarinets, whistles, mandolin, tuba, trumpets, bells, Glockenspiels, cheap toy keyboards or tape recorders is a surprising delight. One track will lead you swiftly to the next in a dance of deeply rooted folk with highly accomplished experimentation and originality. Piney Gir – The Yearling and This Summer’s Darling.

Words:  Liane Escorza