EP: The Dufflefolks – Through Fire Escapes Love

Through Fire Escapes Love is the enigmatic title wrapped around the new EP from London band The Dufflefolks, whose intriguingly mercurial sound is difficult to classify in terms of genre.

On the third track, ‘Ley Lines’  Daniel Davies sings “I wanna make dance music too”. But this is laid back electronica, sometimes folky, sometimes ambient, a little bit pop and always melodic – not the sort of music you’d throw shapes to, but perfect for a slow dance.

Think Valgeir Sigurdsson’s Evolution of Waters collaboration with Bonnie Prince Billy and then take it down a couple of notches. It is minimal and well worth putting on for a listen. And if there’s no-one around to dance with it’s great music to work to.

Words: Jon Cheetham

The Dufflefolks are playing with She Keeps Bees at The Old Queens Head on 11th August. Click here for details.

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