Album Sampler: Lisa Mitchell

Nineteen year old Australian Lisa Mitchell has come along way since her breakthrough as a finalist in the 2006 Australian Idol. Even then as a little sixteen year old, she showed immense potential that is finally getting realised. Lisa has taken a hop, skip and a jump from Albury, New South Wales, all the way over to London to prepare her debut album Wonder.

The sample from her album is a blend of delicate but very appealing tracks: The first one, Coin Laundry is a breezy little pop song littered with a jumpy piano and a fast drum beats. Oh Hark sounds more like old fashioned folk, again with fast drum beats. Valium is a soothing piano tune and is the one she tests her voice the most in – it’s almost angelic and one of the best she has produced. Clean Bright Love is back closer into her happy jingle pop like music. Piruoette is haunting and beautiful like Valium, but sends in a violin to add effect.

The best track is Neopolitan Dreams – you’ve probably heard it from the surf washing powder advert, hummed it a thousand times and wondered who sings it. It is a brilliant summery track and the one that will get many people listening to her music.

By the strength of these tracks, Wonder looks to be very impressive. She is someone with undoubted talent and an unique style.

Words: John G. Fagan