Live: Cherbourg @ Mad Ferret, Preston 12/06/09

Despite the venue being a small town pub, the atmosphere for the evening’s show is excellent. After the obligatory local bands The Agitator – Derek Meins’ and Robert Dylan Thomas’ new project – take to the stage. Right from the outset the duo amaze any new listeners present, making a fair few of them jump on walking through the doors. The ferocity of Meins’ onstage personality creates an enthralled silence that’s extremely refreshing. The Agitator fluctuate between the soulful and outright outrageous creating a stir amongst the ever growing audience.
As the set progresses the whoops and howls from converts get louder, contesting even Meins’ voice for the spotlight. Personally, it’d be hard to resist being stirred by stormers like ‘Get Ready’ and ‘All That You Got’ so the shouts for more from this very special duo don’t come as a surprise.
Twenty minutes later, Cherbourg take up their instruments and begin their first ever show in Preston. Opening their set with ‘No More Flowers’ they soothe any agitated onlookers with their upcoming single’s tumbling melodies. They continue their set with well known EP tracks such as ‘Let You Down’, recent EP single ‘Man’ and the majestic ‘Horses’. Cherbourg are easily loveable due their lyrical sincerity which is tinged with a laddish cheekiness. This has clearly won over the crowd who maintain a respectful silence through quieter numbers like personal favourite ‘The Mill’, which larger city audiences might rudely interrupt with unnecessary babble, I‘m looking at you Manchester.
‘Never Love Again’ closes the set, giving both band and audience a reason to let loose. The group charge through the song’s sing along chorus with its heart wrenchingly open lyrics and swooping melodies to bring the night to a perfect finale, something that nobody will want to forget in a hurry.
Words: Mary Machin