Album: Caroline Weeks – Songs for Edna

Caroline Weeks (multi-instrumentalist from Bat for Lashes) presents her solo debut in tribute to the poet Edna St. Vincent. This dedication in itself is incredibly refreshing. No self-titled album with narcissistic tales of a songwriter  in the shadows for her, instead Caroline has put nine of Edna’s poems to music with a simple backdrop of finger-picked guitar loveliness. Simplicity is the running theme here, with only the odd flute and bell accompanying her voice and guitar. She eases you into her world gently with ‘See Where Capella with her Golden Kids’ and takes you on a slow journey through Edna’s works.
The album conjours up visions of a solitary ballerina. Caroline’s voice is so ethereal she seems to wish life was a fairytale. There is a great deal of storytelling going on here and — what with Edna being the first woman to win the Pulitzer prize for poetry and all — I get the impression feminism is an important factor.
The album itself is one best saved for when you’re in the correct mood. It is gentle paced simplicity at it’s best. Keep it on stand-by for warm summers evenings complete with fairy lights and lanterns, hugs/kisses and if possible fluffy bunnies.
All in all a dreamy little number following in the experimental footprints of Bat For Lashes front woman Natasha Khan. A beautiful listen for any folk lover as well as an exciting new way to listen to poetry. Stand out tracks are ‘Wild Swans’, ‘Pity me not’ and ‘I shall go back’. I can imagine it would be heavenly to watch live in a dim-lit hole in the wall… must keep an eye out for that one…

Words: Kat Nicholls