Single: King Charles – Time of Eternity

Heavy strumming of guitars in loops, dark bass lines, stubborn scale loops on synths and factory-like beats on drums define ‘Time of Eternity’. If it wasn’t for the introduction of strings and the slogan-type lyrics being shouted in-between, this could pass for a simple attempt to release an insipid demo, but it is not.

King Charles, an extravagant-looking, late Middle Aged-set band from London with winks of Devendra Banhart-meets-Pirates of the Caribbean, manage to create a short, intense and cohesive single, and also seem to have discovered the key to catchy sounds with none of the overwhelming sweetness related to easy indie pop bands.

Considering this single has been released by mi7records, a new label run by musicians for musicians on the quest for a fare share of publishing rights and revenues, it cannot be denied this new King Charles venture is as unique, creative and authentic as it could possibly be: straight-forward, crude, explosive, and above all, regal.

Words: Liane Escorza