Single Review: Alan Pownall – Clara

“Clara” is Alan Pownall’s debut single, and what a debut it is. The jangly guitars and cheeky bass note are instantly catchy features and ensure you’ll spend the next 3 minutes with a big smile on your face. And whilst the music is cheerful, the lyrics show this cheeriness may be something more deceptive. Clara herself seems to be a runaway renegade, something Pownall will sadly never catch up with. The song perseveres however, and becomes something so infectious you’ll find it hard to deny yourself this treat in the summer months.

Pondering B-side, “The Others” waltzes through melodies of violins and guitars, guaranteeing your feet a dance of their very own…perhaps even with another pair of feet seeing as the track is so unashamedly romantic.

Words: Mary Machin