Single Review: James Yuill – Over the Hills

James Yuill’s latest single; Over the Hills is a track that stays true to the ‘folktronic’ vibe that he is increasingly becoming recognised for. His use of electronics provides a cushion for his gentle vocals and lyrics such as, “Here is the house where you grew up laughing”, create a quirky nostalgia you can get lost in.

Such is James Yuills’ talent for combining the two electro/folk genres, is that you are never quite sure whether you should dance or sit still and listen…or maybe attempt both. However the last minute of upbeat tempo thoroughly makes this a song you can jump up and down to with conviction.

The b-side remix of Over the Hills is a more dynamic version of the original, equip with dirty beats and an ethereal feel that would captivate any nightclub.

Lighter shade of Red is the chilled b-side track that sees James Yuills’ folk tendencies take a back seat to his synthesized rhythms. A perfect song for a relaxing evening in with friends

Words: Selina Nwulu