Live Review: Mumford and Sons at Manchester Academy 2 09/05/09

Mumford and Sons opener ‘Sigh No More’ shoots the audience’s natter to pieces and the four part melodies swell and subside before the stunned eyes and ears of Manchester. It is easy to feel jealous of someone who’s never heard Mumford and Sons’ unique music before. Something this special has to be seen live to be believed, the sheer force of Mumford and Sons’ set shows they’re in a league of their own, something people are starting to notice.

The set continues with a string of classics, “White Blank Page” and “Little Lion Man” amongst them. With each second, more jaws fall to the floor upon hearing the band’s powerfully sustained harmonies and musical precision.

Usually assigned to smaller club venues, the quartet have been exposed to a whole new group of fans on their support slot with The Maccabees. With more songs, come louder cheers and as Marcus announces “Dustbowl Dance” will be the last song, hollers for “one more!” resound around the audience. And rightly so. The astounding finale is one of the best live tracks of the Century.
Words: Mary Machin