Single Review: Arthur Delaney – Darling/Dance of Fools

The fact that Delaney is only 19 years old hasn’t stopped him creating a fantastic debut single in the shape of double A-side “Darling”/”Dance of Fools”. Overall the single is upbeat and both tracks find a cohesion in their trundling rhythm and pastoral atmosphere that take the listener down memory lane.
First track, ‘Darling’ is a lyrical work of art that laments lost love. Delaney’s musicianship also becomes more apparent as the single progresses, and in amongst the experienced guitar playing, lyrics such as “Many memories are hidden deep beneath the floor/But I have seen those deep green gardens in your eyes that grow” strike a fair few chords in the listener’s mind.
The less melancholy ‘Dance of Fools’ celebrates a carefree existence and being able to forget one’s worries in a wonderland of sounds, Delaney asking the listener to “wash away the pain”. After listening to this single, gladly Arthur.
Words: Mary Machin