EP Review: First Aid Kit – Drunken Trees

Drunken Trees really isn’t a bad name for a record that would provide the perfect soundtrack for a cider-soaked spring picnic in the park. The mix of languid guitars, interweaving vocal harmonies and perfectly charming lyrics might seem a bit familiar, and though it doesn’t necessarily push boundaries, there can be no doubt that Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg have crafted a wee nugget of loveliness here. 

‘Jagdamba’ and ‘You’re Not Coming Home Tonight’ display and impressive story-telling ability, with lyrics that are very honest and insightful for two women under the age of twenty. It probably helps that their voices are beautifully complimentary and tinged with just a little bit of mystery – you could be forgiven for thinking that they might be CocoRosie’s little sisters. 

Several of the seven tracks on offer are slower, sleepier songs, driven by vocal harmonies and gentle guitar melodies. ‘Little Moon’ and ‘Tangerine’ stand out above the others in this aspect. Towards the end of the EP there’s a welcome change of pace and the siblings begin to show a bit of versatility, introducing some other instruments and giving them a fuller sound. ‘Our Own Pretty Ways’ and ‘Cross Oceans’ in particular with it’s keyboards and rolling drums shows that First Aid Kit have a broader range than you might first think. A very impressive debut indeed.

Words: Joanna Legg