EP Review: Kevin Pearce – Light Song EP

There’s an ethereal quality to Kevin Pearce’s voice which penetrates even the foggiest of minds. Light Song, the singer’s first EP, is a short collection of carefully crafted songs which call on many influences. Pearce lists Tim Buckley, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen amongst his favourites, and the soft religiosity created by the combination of his raw vocals and melancholy song-writing is sure to win him favour among fans of those artists. 

The first track, For Her, characterizes Pearce’s style; his lyrics leave him bare and open, and the vocal, harmonies and simple guitar melodies exhibit his beautifully haunting voice. 

The second track, also called Light Song is quietly thoughtful; you feel like you are witness to an intimate conversation between lovers, well-placed harmonies adding gravitas to Pearce’s lyrics. 

Older Times and Healthy State of Mind pick up the pace, both short outpourings of regret and wisdom in hindsight. 

Final song Vultures demonstrates much clearer English folk influences, with minimal instrumentation, sharp drum beats and hand-clapping. Here, Pearce shows off the many facets of his vocal ability, which seems to be what this EP does best. Pearce is clearly a talented songwriter, but his real skill lies in the versatility of his voice which is truly expressive and unusual in its quality.

Words: Alice Turner