EP Review: The Horse by Alessi’s Ark

One word that comes to mind when listening to Alessi’s Ark’s debut EP is ‘magical’. The Horse is four tracks of pure loveliness; perfect to brighten up these dreary winter days, her childlike vocal is reminiscent of early Joanna Newsom, but possesses an unusually haunting quality of its own.

The Horse is the first single released from Alessi’s EP, and is accompanied by a dream-like video, where we get a glimpse into her ethereal world. Neon kites fly over horses running towards the silhouette of a boy with an outstretched hand.

In Neighbours Birds, Alessi’s sugary-sweet voice begs to switch places with another, and the rocking lament of a chorus tells us what she finds.

The light tone of the fourth track, Patchwork of Dreams, disguises a slightly melancholy message of letting go of some dreams in the hope of holding onto others. (“What’s the use in goodbyes, when the hellos are so good?”)

The Horse will seep it’s way into your subconscious and you’ll find yourself humming Alessi’s tunes at all times of the day and night, which can’t be a bad thing. Her beautifully crafted songs are like miniature fairytales; mysterious and tinged with sadness.


Alice Turner