King Creosote

King Creosote is Kenny Anderson, a lo-fi folk singer-songwriter from north-east Fife, Scotland, who began releasing solo tracks on Fence Records, the label he formed in 1995.

We Say: The brilliant single Coast on By is a particularly likeable song from new album Flick the Vs. It begins with a bizarre, almost house like, electro drum beat, before leaping into a compelling chorus.

They Say: “In comparison, Flick the Vs was to have been a Sunday night’s angling off the main pier in Anstruther, but it didn’t turn out quite so tranquil. This time around skipper Paul Savage sent the Earlies out whaling near Iceland, whilst the Fence boys took a small rowing boat onto Loch Awe for a spot of salmon poaching. Steve Mason himself pulled up a couple of creels out there by the end of the sewage pipe, whilst Hopkins just had to make do with the purchase of a packet of scampi fries to eat whilst sunbathing on the railway platform at Ladybank.”


Kenny and Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides (Domino, 2003)

Rocket D.I.Y. (Fence 2005)

KC Rules OK (WEA/679, 2006)

Bombshells (WEA/679, 2007)

Flick the Vs (Domino, 2009)

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