M. Ward

Let me introduce you to M. Ward (unless of course you’ve already come across any one of his numerous previously released solo records, in which case feel free to tell me to shut up). Ward is from Portland, Oregon, and until Conner Oberst rather indecorously yelled \\”M. Ward for President\\” on The Late Show in 2004, he was known only to a select few on the US folk underground. He has since recorded with Cat Power, Beth Orton, Bright Eyes and Jenny Lewis, and his cover of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ featured on the soundtrack of the 2007 indie flick Eagle vs Shark.


Duet for Guitars #2 (1999)
End of Amnesia (2001)
Live Music & The Voice of Strangers (2001)
Transfiguration of Vincent (Matador, 2003)
Transistor Radio (Matador, 2005)
Post-War (4AD, 2006)
Hold Time (4AD, 2009)

Scene from #12 (I Ain’t Sleeping) (2002)
To Go Home (2007)