Ivan Campo

They say:

\\”Ivan Campo, the super Spaniard with the big hair, shares his name – with a nu-folk ensemble who will take you on a journey through the mysteries of their minds. Hitchcock and The Beatles’ White Album are just some of Ivan Campo’s preoccupations. Characterised by a playful suspense, their songs are as likely to be about the unsolved death of Alexander Litvinenko as they are about love and loss. Based in the Northwest of England, Ivan Campo produce interweaving melodies combined with a musical unpredictability influenced by artists as varied as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Nick Harper and Arcade Fire. The effect is a unique style infused with echoes of films, snatched memories and a healthy sense of the absurd.

Playing live regularly, Ivan Campo have been spotted in pubs, clubs, venues, kitchens, festivals, ballrooms & basements, all over the UK, & have shared stages with Marrisa Nadler, Thomas Denver Jonsson, Jeff Lewis, Misty’s Big Adventure, Jay Jay Pistolet, Dufus, The Courteeners, Jim Noir, Shack, & The Pale Fountains.

Their next E.P entitled ‘Super 7’ will be released 30th March 2009. Meanwhile, their self-directed videos echo the gentle yet unexpected pace of their sounds.\\”