Bon Iver

Having only released one album and one EP under the moniker Bon Iver, the attention that Wisconsin-native Justin Vernon has received is more than astounding, but definitely deserved. His stripped-back folk, gorgeously layered with a fragile voice, evokes not only isolation and heartbreak, but sun-lit glimmers of hope.

They Say: “Every album is a product of time and place, but For Emma, Forever Ago more than most. Bon Iver (an intentional mis-spelling / adaptation of \\”Bon Hiver\\”, French for \\”good winter\\”) is the work of Justin Vernon, who spent three months alone in a log cabin in Northeast Wisconsin, living off the land, splitting wood, and hunting for food – a voluntary exile. And although this wasn’t the archetypal spell in the wilderness that many artists seek out, a deliberate scheme to create a ‘masterpiece’, some very special music was born out of the experience. For Emma, Forever Ago is the unexpected, triumphant result.” (


For Emma, Forever Ago (self-released, 2007)

Blood Bank EP (JagJaguwar, 2009)

[On the 30th June 2009, he’ll be performing at Hyde Park as part of the Serpentine Sessions.]

Profile: Jason Williamson

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