Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue are a folk-soul duo from London via Brighton, who have most recently recorded material as Peggy Sue and the Pictures, but have also been seen in a previous incarnation as Peggy Sue and the Pirates.

They Say: “The best thing you’ve ever heard, prepare to wet your pants“. And they’re not far off.

Band members: Rosa Rex, Katy Klaw and new addition Olly Olly Olly the drummer.

Influences: are extensive, but include Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald, Cocorosie, the Moldy Peaches, David Bowie, Neutral Milk Hotel and Blondie.

Discography: The Body Parts EP (2008).

[In 2008 Peggy Sue have produced one limited edition CD per month. These are available from their MySpace page. Once they’re all sold, there are no more to be had, and the track listings are undisclosed. That’s all we can tell you folks!]