Premiere | Drew Cooper – Angel From Montgomery

Drew Cooper is instantly identified for numerous qualities—his gritty voice, driven roots-rock, and a bighearted persona that has won him audiences through the southwest. “Coop” finds his home somewhere between southern Arizona and Texas; a Tucson boy laid his hat in the Red Dirt circuit for a while and learned a thing or two from his contemporaries along the way. His upcoming double-album, This Life, is a reflection of these lessons learned along the way—both then and, as the LP’s title would imply, otherwise. It’s his tale of self-acceptance and accountability, wrapped up in a booming Americana package that rides between his two musical loves—modern, songwriter’s country and energized rock-and-roll.

Cooper’s take on ‘Angel From Montgomery’ strips things back with a largely acoustic structure. Throughout, he’s accompanied by the sweet twang of pedal steel alongside his own strumming and mighty vocals. The country-folk cut is an excellent nod to John Prine, and a scorching take on the tune in its own right.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm