Premiere | Bob Hillman – I Often Dream of Candlelight (Maria)

Bob Hillman purposefully approached the musical development of his latest tune with a bit of an offbeat step. Of ‘I Often Dream of Candlelight (Maria)’, the singer-songwriter recants, “The song’s unusual for me because the verse melody doesn’t move much, and also because the lyrics are so abstract: I’m describing a specific situation (a sleeping woman) and meditating on a situation (quarantine), but not in the most straightforward way. Hopefully, it’s evocative rather than confusing.”

Indeed, the track lulls forward with a ethereal drone; a subtle, darkly meditation, its gentle intonations feel well-suited to the times that they were written in. ‘I Often Dream of Candlelight (Maria)’ is the first track on Hillman’s latest EP, aptly titled Inside & Terrified.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm