Video Premiere | Reforester – Drive by Feel

Steven Hefter, Austin Stahl, and Chris Laun are Reforester. The latest brainchild of three artists who share their fair share of accolades apart from their newest band, Reforester features three singer-songwriters and three-part harmonies. It’s subtle indie rock with folk influences that run into unsuspecting moments of sweeping layers of musicality, making for listens that are as accessible and lovely as they are impressively composed. The Baltimore boys’ debut EP, Perpetuity, is due out on 14 August. Ahead of that, they’re dropping the lyric video for lead single “Drive By Feel” with For Folk’s Sake.

On the tune, Hefter says, “Drive By Feel may have undergone the most permutations of any song on the record. It started out more downtempo. On the day it was written I played it for our future engineer, Chris Freeland, and he off-handedly suggested the modulation in the chorus (which he didn’t remember when tracking began). At one point in the studio it had a Cars-style synth hook, prior to a trade-deadline swap for pianos.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm