Video premiere | Junkboy – Fulfil

Junkboy’s sixth career album Trains, Trees and Topophilia brought widespread acclaim on its release in August. The instrumental record from Mik and Rich Hanscomb, their first since 2014’s Sovereign Sky, was inspired by travel (by train, of course) around the south coast of England, from the brothers’ original home in Essex to their adopted home in East Sussex. Within that, new single ‘Fulfil’ is intended as the soundtrack to weather-beaten, sea-salt-corroded seaside towns as they put up the shutters for winter. Inspired by David Gladwell’s ‘An Untitled Film’, the video focuses on the cyclical changing of the seasons, a concept which ties in neatly with the cyclical rhythms of this enchanting piece of music.

Trains, Trees and Topophilia is out now via Fretsore Records.