Premiere | Gretchen Pleuss – If You Saw Me Now

New years are often bookended on either side by introspection as much as they are celebration. So,  even while 2019’s inaugural champagne is still bubbling, it makes sense to sit back with the reflections of Gretchen Pleuss’ ‘If You Saw Me Now’. It’s the singer-songwriter’s second single from off of her hotly anticipated album, Daughter of the Brighter Skies. Herein, Pleuss’ warm vocals stand center amidst gentle guitar tones as the song, in her own words, “…chronicles the process of finding one’s self again after experiencing loss.”

Furthermore, Pleuss tells For Folk’s Sake, “In some ways, it’s a conversation with myself. I’m analyzing the defense mechanisms I’ve developed over time without really dictating whether those behaviors are right or wrong. Society isn’t very forgiving when it comes to despondence or uncertainty, but perhaps we should all grant ourselves a little more grace when it comes to healing.”

‘If You Saw Me Now’ is up for download and streaming now, through Spotify and other services.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)