Premiere | Christine Fellows – Roses on the Vine

The titular single of Christine Fellows’ forthcoming album, ‘Roses on the Vine’ is every bit as hauntingly poignant and emotive in its sparse, wistful, and warmly-crafted folk as you can imagine. Hot on the heels of a charming craftwork affair with the visual presentation of her work, ‘Cocoon’, she is sharing yet another piece of work that can be aptly described as mindfully woven. Or, perhaps better yet, ‘Roses on the Vine’ is mindfully interwoven with Fellows’ heart, offering beautiful and open reflections on awareness and caring for one another.

As Fellows tells For Folk’s Sake, “‘Roses on the Vine’ is about women taking care of each other. Check in on a friend you haven’t heard from in a while. When someone says they’re fine, you might need to prod them a little. Talking about isolation, illness, and trauma can be really difficult, but silence is deadly.”

Her album of the same name is set to be released not too long now, slated for 16 November. Fellows co-produced Roses on the Vine with her partner, Weakerthan’s John K. Sampson.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)