Video premiere | Jessica’s Brother – Humdinger

Jessica’s Brother is the eclectic project of songwriter Tom Charleston, former Ramshackle Union Band bass player Charlie Higgs and Wave Pictures drummer Jonny Helm. They mix elements of jangly indie, gothic country, and psych but while the styles change the constant is the engaging lyrical whimsy as Charleston is inspired by his favourites poets to tell irreverent tales. “I suppose I wanted to offer something lyrically engaging and hopefully different,” he said. Their latest single ‘Humdinger’, featuring Saskia Longaretti on backing vocals, takes inspiration from the Silver Jews. “It is perhaps the one song on the album where the narrator is at ease with himself and the world,” Charleston added. “Though there are moments where this tranquillity is nudged by outside tremors, so we know this moment is ephemeral.” Their self-titled debut album, featuring input from the likes of Darren Hayman, Dan Mayfield (Enderby’s Room) and Paul Rains (Allo Darlin’/Tigercats), is due out on July 20.

Jessica’s Brother will play an album launch show on July 19 at Servant Jazz Quarters, with support from Dave Tattersall from The Wave Pictures and Owl and Mouse – more detail here.

Photo: Tom Ashton