Video Premiere | Kinbom & Kessner – With The Beetles

Kinbom & Kessner did not look too far for the inspiration for ‘With The Beetles’, the title track from their new record due out this summer. In fact, all they did was looked out the window of their Berlin studio, where an old cemetery is divided by a modern autobahn. The cemetery has a plot of graves of civilians killed in the final days of World War II, a plot which is now also home to dozens of beetles who can be seen scurrying around. The plot is a reminder of the deadly dangers of war at a time when much of Europe seems only too close to forgetting the painful lessons of the past. “It happened here and not that long ago,” they sing. “It happens now and not that far away.”

Kinbom and Kessner’s 2015 debut Lieder von Liebe und Krieg (Songs of Love and War) tackled historical, political and social themes, and it is clear off the bat that the follow-up will be no different. But the musical tone has shifted as Fredrik Kinbom pushes his lap steel guitar in new directions against a backdrop of spiky waltzes and darker grooves. There’s a strong supporting cast once again with the Moulettes once again lending a hand – Hannah Miller appears on cello and vocals and Ruth Skipper on vocals – while Glenn Richards (Augie March), Ned Collette and Mike Simmonds (Nick Cave, Bonobo) also pitch in.

Immerse yourself in the beguiling spell of this sinister title track as we bring you the video premiere right here. With The Beetles is due out on June 16.